How to Help the Jobless, Libertarian-Style

From a representative presenting Libertarian Party beliefs, explaining libertarian views on the subject. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by the party or others may or may not universally represent libertarian beliefs on the topic for all adherents.
By Chuck M Burns
This morning, I wake up, and see that a CNN journalist is claiming both political parties, the Republicans, and the Democrats, have abandoned the jobless. Well... Of course, this progressive just means with regards to free money from the government. He thinks government handouts actually help. However, we libertarians all know that when you give something unearned, it only winds up making the recipient dependent on more handouts.
However, a libertarian way of helping the jobless is to create an economic atmosphere where employers wish to expand, and therefore hire more workers, and where entrepreneurs take a risk, and start new businesses, and create more jobs.
First, we change unemployment compensation.…

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Protecting Your Data From Cyberpunks With Genuine Antivirus Support

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 By Sushil Kumar Duhan

In today's ever changing world, it has become necessary to stay in touch with the latest technology. Every organization wants to make its services online to earn maximum money. However, the internet world is not free from threats as there are many cyber-terrorists involved in unethical practices.

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Pillow Sleep Spray for Better Rest

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With six kiddos in the house, sleep can be hard to come by sometimes. Fortunately, I’ve found ways to naturally improve sleep quality, including ditching the night lights and using magnesium oil before bed. This relaxing pillow spray is another healthy (and great smelling!) way to promote a good night’s sleep.
So would a simple scent make a difference in your sleep? Good question!
Pillow Spray for Your Sleep Routine
As I’ve searched for answers on sleep over the years … as every parent has I’m sure … I’ve learned a lot about just how essential sleep is for our health. In fact there’s no way to be healthy without good, quality sleep, and enough of it.
It turns out that establishing a solid sleep routine with little cues that it’s ti…

Ionic Air Purifiers – Is it all just hype?

Ionic air purifiers have been hurtled into the spotlight with the advent of the Sharper Image air purifier, called the Ionic Breeze. Despite a round of advertising that has wearied rather than enthused consumers, many other manufacturers have joined the ionic air purifier market. So are ion air purifiers actually any good?

The main selling point of ionic air purifiers is the silence with which they are said to remove particles from the air. This is due to the lack of circulating fan in this type of air cleaner, as the Sharper Image air purifier, the original ionic cleaner, relies on electrostatic plates to circulate the air. Independent tests have shown, however, that this reliance is somewhat misplaced – while a fan-assisted air purifier can process a room’s air within one minute, this ionic air purifier has a turnover rate move only an estimated couple of cubic meters per hour.

Some ion air purifiers have added extra features to increase the effectiveness of their cleaning power. Some…